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Joshua Terao

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teraoIt isn't as easy as Joshua Terao makes it look.

The 13-year old Terao, a brown belt from Liliha's Shobukan Judo Club, went 3-0 to capture the boys' juvenile A, under 117-pound division at Sunday's Sam Fujiyama Memorial Tournament. The tournament was hosted by Makiki Seidokan and held at Salt Lake District Park.

But, it was hardly anything new for Terao, who said he has not lost a match in Hawaii since December of 2008.

"I think about it sometimes," said Terao, an eighth-grader at Lutheran School. "Losing is bad — I've experienced losing and losing hurts. I like winning basically and you have to train hard (to win)."

Terao said the loss over two years ago forced him to get serious about his training.

"It was a change in mentality," he said. "That was before my Japan tournament, so I had to get serious about judo and I trained everyday for almost two hours."

Terao spent a week in Japan in November of last year, which was sponsored by the 50th State.

"I was invited to train up there and I got to play in one of their tournament," said Terao, who began judo at five.

At Sunday's tournament, Terao won his first match before it began. He advanced to the second round after his opponent was given a hansokumake (disqualification) because of a non-regulation gi.

"It's kind of a disappointment when someone gets hansokumake because of their gi," Terao said. "I just stayed focused and worried about the next match."

He bested Kapolei's Kekua Marumoto in the second round after another hansokumake to move on to meet Hodokan's Troy Enoka in the final.

Terao picked up a yuko 35 seconds into his match with Marumoto on a left uchimata before forcing four stalling penalties to end the match with 24 seconds to play.

"I was trying to keep up the intensity and stop him from attacking by being offensive," said Terao, who weighed in at 108 pounds.

Terao scored on a right modified kouchi at the 2:03 mark to open the scoring against Enoka. The throw resulted in a waza-ari and Terao pressed Enoka with kameshiho-gatame soon after for his second waza-ari, which ended the match with 1:40 left.

"He was open so I faked the (seionage) forward and switched it back into kouchi," said Terao, who began practicing with the Pac-5 wrestling team last month. "My brother (David) is the team captain so I practice with them sometimes. Since I've been wrestling, it's easier for me to transition from standing to a pin."

Shobukan instructor Lance Iida said Terao was far from his best Sunday.

"To me, he's a little rusty because he's not in competition mode," Iida said. "His timing and his entries are not as clean, but he still can pull off wins because of his ability and experience."

The next tournament will be the Tsuruo Fukushima Memorial Tournament, hosted by Leeward Judo Club on Feb. 14.

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