Tuesday December 11, 2018

By 50th SJA staff

Park clean-up 1At April’s monthly tournament, 50th State Judo Association members participated in a voluntary
clean-up of Salt Lake District Park. About 250 judoka, parents and instructors joined forces to
help beautify the park for about an hour that morning.

“It was nice to be able to help keep the park nice and clean,” said James Lum, 9, of
Leeward Judo Club. “I think that it’s important to do community service because it will benefit a
lot of people who use the park.”

Working side-by-side, volunteers from various 50th SJA clubs picked up trash around the
gymnasium and surrounding area.

“I thought it was a very nice turnout by our group and everyone seemed to really enjoy working
together for an important cause,” said Kalani Takase, 50th SJA president. “Most of our
organization – our members – are young people and I think it’s important to reaffirm to them our
commitment to them, the communities they come from and their futures.”

It was the fourth park clean-up that the 50th SJA has organized in the past two years.
Previously, the group has volunteered at Ala Moana Beach and Neal Blaisdell parks.

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