Tuesday December 11, 2018

By 50th SJA staff
Ten judoka from various clubs were honored before the start of Sunday's Hodokan Judo Tournament at Salt Lake District Park gym.
Aaron Lee, chairman of the 50th State Judo Association's scholarship committee, introduced the recipients and presented them with their awards. 

"Fortunately every year so far, for the last few years, 50th State Judo has been able to award scholarships to competitors to help them compete in mainland tournaments and to college students to help them continue their college education," Lee said. 

Competition award winners were Javen Alo (Male, 8 to 11 years old), Troy Enoka (Male, 12 to 15), Macy Higa (Female, 8 to 11), Teshya Alo (Female, 12 to 15), Diane Mikuni (Female, 16 to 19) and Jenna Enoka (Female, kata). Scholarship award winners were Kyle Tsubota (Male, scholar-athlete), Nicholas Lum (competitor), Mary Jane Garcia (Female, scholar-athlete) and Darcy Kagawa (Female, competitor).

"This year's batch of winners all went to mainland tournaments this year and even the scholarship winners - they're not necessarily required to go to tournaments - but they all went and many of them did well and they all placed," said Lee, who sympathized with local families  bearing the burden of heavy-travel. "It's something that I think is, for me, very rewarding. I know that for a lot of people in Hawaii, it's a big expense to go to any tournament on the mainland and if we can help out in any way, it's something that we all can be proud of."

Each awardee received an amount of $400 (competition) or $500 (scholarship) from the 50th SJA.

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